About Us

Dan and Stacey were married in 2001 with the distinct goal of living life to the fullest. Owning & operating a healing retreat in Hawaii is a dream come true for them. They love Hawaii, and they love sharing their place with guests who are also inspired to live a life of vitality, joy and positivity. Our goal is to have as much FUN as we can! We feel that our lives (and all lives) are unique expressions of the one Divine Source Energy. We study and practice yoga, meditation, self-Inquiry, and law of attraction principles. Combined with living a healthy lifestyle, we can't think of a better way to enjoy this beautiful planet. Deep down we believe we are all here for each other, and it is our pleasure to share time & space with our guests. Living in Hawaii gives us the joyful opportunity to live and share Aloha, with YOU!


Hawaiian Healing Yoga Philosophy

Hawaiian Healing Yoga evolved out of the two things we love the most, Hawaii & Yoga! Hawaii offers a sense of 'place' like no other in the world. Culturally, the land or 'Aina' is our ground of being; it sustains us, nourishes us, and provides for us. The principle of 'Ho'olokahi' (to make whole or bring unity) is at the heart of our Yoga practice. Only when we come into alignment with ourselves physically & spiritually can we embody a feeling of lokahi. Once we establish that within ourselves we can then share it with others, and this is the offering of Aloha. Without Aloha we are less than our best. These two beautiful cultures have so much to offer our journey as we uncover the hidden gems of our true nature. Our practice brings us back to the connections we can make on all levels of experience, hopefully making the world a more positive place to enjoy our beingness.


Our Vision

It is our goal, and our pleasure to offer a healing and supportive environment for the exploration of consciousness. Our intention is to offer inspiration, relaxation, and awakening to all our guests. We do this with deep gratitude for the beautiful surroundings we have here in Hawaii; through the study and practice of yoga, meditation, breathing, and energy work we seek to open our hearts just a little bigger each day. Me Ke Aloha Pumehana.  

We LOVE to travel!