2020 Annual Weekend 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our first cohort for 2020 filled up fast, but you still have a chance to 

join us in our second cohort beginning March - December!

The second cohort will meet on the last full weekend of the month* 

starting March 28th/29th. (*December graduation will be on the 12th/13th)

Give yourself the gift of going on the inward journey with yoga. This is the best decision you could make for your health, happiness, and inner peace! 

We have five spaces left for the second cohort. 


Testimonials at the bottom of this page.

Second cohort meets on the last full weekend of each month starting in March to December.

Don't miss this once per year opportunity!

Weekend Teacher Trainings have been perfect for busy working individuals who would like to deepen their practice over a longer stretch of time. Teachers in training will meet on the last weekend of each month, both Saturday & Sunday, 8:30am-5:30pm. All lunch meals are provided on each day of instruction. 

Hawaiian Healing Yoga is a Registered School with Yoga Alliance offering 

a comprehensive/holistic training on the Big Island.

This inspirational Certification is for anyone looking to live a healthier, happier, more balanced lifestyle  through the study & practice of yoga. 

All levels of experience are welcome.

This is an in-depth study that offers tools to quiet the mind, feel empowered, centered and strong. 

Aspiring yoga instructors will learn how to guide safe and inspiring classes. Even if teaching is not your goal, you will learn SO MUCH about yourself, and everyone will emerge with confidence, renewed strength, and a deeper sense of wholeness and inner peace. We offer small group settings for optimal attention to each student.

Tuition Includes:

  • Full Certification as a Yoga Instructor. Upon completion of the program, graduates will have the option to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT200, and have their name posted on a national registry/directory of yoga instructors.
  • 180 Hours of In-Class Instruction (see program curriculum below). 20 Hours of Homework will be assigned.
  • 350-page Full Color Photo Instructional Manual.
  • Delicious vegan/gf lunches on each day of instruction.
  • Supportive Healing Environment for Inspiration, Relaxation, and Awakening!

​Tuition Fee: $2358.00 + tax + registration fee of $250. Non refundable registration fee holds your place in the training / Early Birds still need to put $250 down but balance will be adjusted. To receive early bird discount, tuition must be paid by March 15th, 2020.

Program Curriculum

20 Hours of Physical & Energy Anatomy of Yoga

25 Hours of Teaching Methodology

30 Hours of Philosophy, Yoga Lifestyle, & Ethics

100 Hours of Techniques Training & Practice

15 Hours of Ayurveda and Yoga for Healing

Introduction to Meditation, Hawaiian Healing Principles and more...

Who is Yoga Teacher Training For?

  • Of course, all aspiring yoga instructors will be certified to teach and share this beautiful practice with others. If you are looking to touch the lives of others and learn to teach from the heart with authenticity, then this is the program for you. Upon graduating from the program you will receive certification to register as an RYT with Yoga Alliance.
  • This could be the start of an exciting new full time or part time career! Or the beginning of a wonderful personal practice that will help you deepen your understanding of your life.
  • Because Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive foundation of the ancient philosophy of Yoga and the modern evolution of Hatha Yoga (the postures) it is beneficial for anyone looking to deepen & clarify his/her experience of body, mind and soul. Even if you are relatively new to yoga and wish to learn more, and discover new ways to enrich your life through the study and practice of yoga, we are happy to offer this wonderful training program. 

​The approach of Hawaiian Healing Yoga is inclusive, despite any level of physical ability that you currently possess. You don't have to be the most flexible, or the super strong to begin the practice of Hatha Yoga. The goal of the training is to meet you where you are and hopefully inspire you to keep practicing and awakening on your journey. 180 hours are mandatory to fulfill the curriculum requirements of Yoga Alliance. If you know that you will be missing a day or two, it must be made up. Make up time is not a part of the curriculum tuition.  The only requirements are an open mind and heart, a willingness to learn, and dedication to doing your best throughout the training.

Benefits of the 200- Hour Yoga Teacher Training
The benefits of Yoga Teacher Training far surpass the goal of becoming a yoga instructor. You will learn:

  • The benefits of yoga for your particular body type and personality.
  • ​How to quiet your mind and discover the inner landscape of your soul.
  • Deepen your self awareness and explore the flow of consciousness in your life.
  • Proper structural alignment of Hatha Yoga postures for greater ease of movement.
  • Physical & Energy anatomy that will give you a greater sense of your body/mind and spirit.
  • ​The ancient philosophy of yoga as it pertains to the human condition and experience. 
  • Ayurvedic & Hawaiian principles for health and wellbeing.
  • How to stay open & positive in life as we grow and evolve together. 

Yoga is a lifestyle. It is the systematic process of releasing that which is not of your true nature, so you can remember the fullness of who you really are. We are infinte, eternal, loving consciousness in form...awaken to the perfection of beingness!

Some Graduate Testimonials

AMAZING! Most beautiful studio ever! Thank you so much, Stacey & Dan. This year was absolutely transformational for me and I am so excited to begin teaching. For anyone considering this training don't hesitate! It is an amazing experience and you couldn't ask for better teachers and a more beautiful place to learn and deepen your practice. Mahalo Nui Hawaiian Healing Yoga!

Sam HI/Australia

No words can describe the peace and beauty I feel each time I step into the studio. Beautiful! Teacher Training with Hawaiian Healing Yoga will change your life! No matter what your goal may be, you may come to learn how to teach or to deepen your practice, but you will walk away with so much more. Gifts of peace of mind, connection, and so many other surprises...and the food is AMAZING!!

Jody K. HI/AZ

This program changed my life! I am so grateful to have chosen Hawaiian Healing Yoga as my choice of foundational yoga. The entire curriculum, space, the individual classes, down to the details of everything was so thoughtfully and professionally laid out. It was the perfect place in the most pleasant, peaceful and inspiring environment. You will not only learnt how to guide safe yoga classes but you will learn about and feel the unity of yoga and how it is so beautifully intertwined with Hawaiian healing principles. Stacey and Dan as instructors were terrific and always nuturing, positive and inspired us to expand our minds. If you want to learn about all aspects of yoga in the most beautiful retreat like space, this is your choice! Namaste!

Kerstin B. Kona, HI.

You will learn how to love life with your entire body and mind. This is a great foundation for anything you will do in life and it will always pay you back! Say goodbye to your inner critic and start living life with the knowledge of your Divine Source. 

Steve S. HI/WA

The greatest benefit for me was learning so much more about yoga philosophy. I feel like YTT has made me a more compassionate person. What I liked most was the deep appreciation this training imparted for all aspects of yoga as equally as possible-meditation, philoshophy, healthy lifestyle, asanas, chanting, teaching methodology, Hawaiian healing, and anatomy. I consider myself extremely lucky to have done my YTT here!

Alysa F. Holualoa, HI.

Hawaiian Healing Yoga is a beautiful journey of self-exploration, self-healing, discovery and love. It's the perfect balance of physical, spiritual and intellectual engagement.Stacey & Dan are very knowledgeable and kind teachers who put a lot of thought, care &consideration into creating an all encompassing program. Their all inclusive warmth and generosity make all feel yoga is not only attainable, but our Divine right!

Janny P. HI

Stacey and Dan are beautiful and vibrant people who facilitated one of the most transforming times in my life. Whether or not you plan to teach yoga, you will benefit in many if not all areas of your life from completing this teacher training. You will learn about yourself, breath work, meditation, anatomy, yoga history & philosophy, asanas, and how to improve your life and that of those around you. 

Rebecca O. TN

If you are looking for a solid foundation to start your yoga training, Hawaiian Healing Yoga is great! The studio space is everything you could ask for in a yoga studio. The energy of this space feels very pure. I learned so many tools to take with me into everyday life. This training has deepened my understanding of Yoga more than I could have imagined.

Christopher, Kona, HI.

I will absolutely cherish the training I received from Hawaiian Healing Yoga. The decision to do my 200hr certification with Stacey provided me with a very well rounded knowledge base to build on. The way the classes progress built my confidence each week. Stacey has a gift of providing her students with the tools they will need to keep their future students safe while they explore their yoga paths. The studio space is amazing! The environment is welcoming and comfortable. A great place to both focus and relax. The birds are a wonderful addition, hearing them brings real connection to wild, fabulous nature! Mahalo

Kathy D. Waimea, HI.

My own experience has been life changing! I just completed 200 Hours of Teacher Training with Hawaiian Healing Yoga. I can say that my experience has been extraordinary, more than I ever dreamed. I feel confident that I can compose yoga sequences that flow gently. I am convinced that I can help make yoga accessible to those who are intimidated by strong yoga or who have obstacles to their mobility or how just want to be able to enjoy the fundamental possess that lead to health of mind and body. I trust in the benefits of yoga for those who choose to commit to the practice. Stacey is perfectly organized. It is obvious she has the scope of yoga in her mind so that she can present a well balanced combination of didactic and experiential classes that build our foundation. Reflection upon the Hawaiian cultural tradition of ALOHA make perfect sense for yoga as we open our hearts in Aloha and breathe the HA breath of life, we are the embodiment of yoga; body, mind, spirit in union. Honoring and respecting the AINA of these islands is one and the same as honoring and respecting our own bodies and those of our students. Honestly, I loved it all, I know there will be many students in the future who will also be filled with gratitude for this training. 

Mana T. OR

​So much thought and care was put into the program that I can't think of a thing that would have made it lovelier. On every level it was more than I expected and in the end it was way more rewarding that I imagined it would be. I feel totally supported and inspired by Stacey. For me it was a life changing experience and it gave me so much confidence. I feel prepared to begin teaching and sharing yoga right away! The training to teach has brought me back to a personal meditation practice and has helped me work through some spiritual barriers. The training helped me shift my focus from a job that had become unfulfilling to a view for following my dreams and sharing more about what is important in my heart and how I can serve others and support myself as well. 

Rebecca H. Kona, HI.

I am so grateful that my search for a yoga teacher training program led me to Hawaiian Healing Yoga! I chose the ten month weekend training because it fit into my already full life. Stacey's instruction in proper alignment of the asanas and sequencing of classes left me feeling confident that I could safely and intelligently lead a hatha or vinyasa style of class immediately after graduating. She also provided a comprehensive study of yoga beyond just the physical practice. I learned so much about the history of yoga and yoga as a compass to navigate life. Stacey's training includes the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of yoga. She not only teaches yoga, she lives it! She is a warm and caring instructor and human being. Stacey and her husband, Dan, have created a space to carry on a sacred tradition. The yoga deck and surrounding environment are so peaceful and healing. 

Cecilia W. Kona, HI.

Stacey is a gracious and caring spirit. She facilitates with a light heart and a wealth o f knowledge--holding space for learning and healing to take place in equal measure. The yoga studio is an oasis of peace! Come as you are; you will be welcomed with the warmest of Aloha. 

C. Magdalena. Kona, HI.

I would highly recommend Hawaiian Healing Yoga. It gave me a broad foundation to draw upon as a teacher of yoga. The attention to detail was impressive. Hawaiian Healing Yoga expresses what yoga is all about and teaches all aspects of the practice to create a well rounded and mindful yoga instructor. 

Lisa L. Waikoloa, HI.

​I feel completely BLESSED to have found Hawaiian Healing Yoga. Yoga is more than asana and Stacey has given me a wonderful foundation of living a lifestyle of yoga as well as provide me with the tools to share with others. With the information provided and the way it is presented this teacher training felt more like a spiritual training for me. I find having a spiritual foundation to be an important for any future instructor. After the training I feel confident in my abilities as a teacher but I also feel motivated to discover more and to help others through the practice of yoga. The smaller group setting gave us the opportunities to practice teach on a regular basis. Although teaches intimidating at first, over time we became family and were able to teach, make mistakes, let things go and give wonderful practices to our fellow trainees. The setup of the training gives me confidence, not only as an instructor, but as a human being. I am so proud that I found family in the islands of Hawaii through Stacey and Dan! 

Autumn L. Oahu, HI.

Wonderful! Stacey's enthusiasm and knowledge both combine to make this a fun, informative, challenging and nurturing Yoga Teacher Training experience. Beautiful space to practice, would highly recommend to anyone who wants to teach or just wants to deepen their yoga practice. 

Annie S. Kona, HI.

Having such a beautiful open space to learn in made this training such a pleasurable experience. Stacey is such an inspiration, full of kindness. This training has inspired me to go through life in a more mindful way, and to share it with the spirit of Aloha. I am more aware of my mind/body connection. 

Isabelle C. Kona, HI.

During this training you will change in so many good ways. You will begin to listen to your truth and you will have the support and encouragement to pursue your own truth. 

Maite R. Kona, HI

I feel like I have benefited from this yoga foundation in so many ways. From a physical aspect I feel stronger and more confident in how my body moves. I feel as though I can let things go easier and I now have more awareness of staying in the present moment. It has inspired me to find more love for myself, and to let that love radiate out to others. It inspires me to want to help others who are interested in starting a yoga practice. I enjoyed every part of the program. I received much more information that I though I was going to get and loved learning it all! Practice teaching from day one was a great way to dive right in. I really enjoyed that each day had a different meditative focus. I don't know that I would change anything about the program. The space is awesome. I loved practicing outside, it made this experience so calming and peaceful. 

Nicole L. CA

I feel my yoga foundation has increased though the knowledge of pranayama, mantra, yoga philosophy, and asana. I have gained strength through the training, which has improved my back. The benefits I have gained through this 200-hour journey had inspired me to share the benefits of yoga with others. It also has inspired me to want to continue along my own journey. I enjoyed the group! I will miss learning and expanding my yoga practice with you all, but I look forward to what's next. The studio is so peaceful. I looked forward to the training almost everyday, and the space was a big part of that. 

Maka W. Waimea, HI.

This 200hour Yoga Training Certification has FOREVER changed my life for the better and I am truly grateful that I chose to be a part of this. I would recommend Hawaiian Healing Yoga to everyone interested in yoga. The foundation is absolutely necessary. Stacey teaches the mechanics & alignment well, and over & over so she knows you understand their importance. She brings awareness to different body types and shares how and why the bodies will move the way they do. I loved learning the 8 limbs of yoga, and so many other areas of the practice that before I didn't know. The food, the environment, instructors...awesome!

Echo M, UT.

Stacey has developed an impressive, thorough, grounding, and enlightening YTT program. From her, you will learn how to cue, sequence, and to build a knowledge base of asanas, with the Sanskrit pronunciation. You will develop your skills with pranayamas, meditations, and chakra energy anatomy. The unlimited benefit gained from deepening your knowledge will broaden you perspective of yoga, from the history, yoga sutras, to the many styles present in the world today. Stacey's grounding, amazing organization, kindness and sincerity make it a real privilege to learn from her. Her delicious lunches helped fuel us well!

​Estelle C. Waikoloa, HI.